Awkward Trans Tales

28th December 2015


When I first started medically transitioning, I fell into a 2nd puberty, including all the awkwardness and discomfort that being a teenager involves. There are so many new milestones with transition, including name change, new ID, clothing, ‘passing’ (we’ll get back to why this is problematic). Early medical transition is an adjustment stage with potential for confusion from colleagues, strangers, friends and family.

Recently, I did a call-out for awkward stories, and so many people contributed; there were so many repeat stories, almost identical in nature.

As the creators of My Genderation (ongoing doc film project), Lewis Hancox and I have used various filming techniques over the past 4 years to document lives and events. We’ve pulled together an all trans cast, featuring Lewis Hancox (co-creator),Evie Andrew (extremely popular vlogger on My Genderation) and A Girl For All Seasons (extremely popular guest vlogger) to help create this film featuring embarrassing moments.

The tales were amalgamated into the following situations: 10 highly embarrassing true life transition stories.

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