Acting Showreel: Fox Fisher

30th December 2016


Here’s my new Acting Showreel – This includes Drama, Comedy and some Presenting. It’s been updated for the first time in a year. This year, I also played Jake Greanleaf in Radio 4′s Tales of The City (Mary-Ann in Autumn and Michael Tolliver Lives).

When I started my social and medical transition I had no idea whether it would fill the gaping hole and sense of discomfort I felt about myself. But luckily it worked. Having the idea to set up the Trans Acting course which Catherine McNamara enabled to happen at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama with Gendered Intelligence, really helped to give me more confidence. Previously I felt so worried that because I wasn’t socialised as male, I couldn’t play male roles. I realised it’s all about empathy and experience and with each role I play, I learn something new. I’m so grateful for the various writers / casting directors to take a chance on me and I’m excited about future projects.

Equity: Fox Fisher  membership number: B00446289.



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