Creating Trans Content? Don’t Forget Trans People!

12th January 2017


If we don’t stand up against shows and material that misrepresents trans people, we will continue to see tired tropes, an insisting focus on medical treatment and trans people as bodies or genitals and other harmful myths that marginalise us. Nothing about us without us!”

Checkout the full Huff Post entry, titled ‘Creating Trans Content? Don’t Forget Trans People!’

Please take a moment to sign this petition titled ‘Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?’ should not be broadcast until reviewed by experts which currently has over 10,500 signatures. There is a time-limit on this, however as the show is scheduled to broadcast this evening, 12th Jan 2017. You can lodge complaints to the BBC in a number of ways.    

And please read this open letter regarding the decision to justify why a TERF is still being given a platform to speak at one of their events in Manchester. Natacha Kennedy wrote this letter to an LGBT History organisation, and although I’ve worked with them in the past, I too agree with Natacha’s feelings and actions. Also, in my opinion, this most reflects the current sentiment of the trans community.