Germaine Greer at the Brighton Dome – This is NOT a debate

13th February 2017


I’ve set up a petition to prevent Germaine Greer from speaking at a Women’s Day event at the Brighton Dome on March 4th. We have over 5000 signatures currently. 

This petition is backed by Trans Pride Brighton.

Full updates are here

Two of the main arguments that are being used against the petition is the discussion of free speech vs. hate-speech and that we cannot stop the debate and these views should be discussed.

Greer’s views are nothing new and this debate has been going on for decades. She is not changing her views and the identities of trans people simply aren’t up for debate. Her views contribute to the discrimination and marginalisation of trans people around the world and they have no place during a day that celebrates the lives of ALL women. Greer actively advocates against a group of women and her views should not be tolerated in Brighton or at any other event. Despite her valuable contribution to the feminist movement, her views are a disgrace to the feminist movement and any previous achievement do not give her the right to discriminate against a group of women. No one is exempt or should be allowed to oppress others.

Not allowing Greer to speak at this event has nothing to do with free speech. Freedom of speech is your right to exercise your voice and criticise the government or those in power for mistreatment, discrimination or tyranny without being censored or imprisoned for those views. Greer is one of the most outspoken and influential feminist of our time and her platform remains one of the largest in the world. She is not being censored by anyone or imprisoned for her views. Freedom of speech does not mean you are given the right to come to every event to sprout your hateful views. Who is invited to specific events is up to the organisers of the event and by not giving her a platform at this event we are taking a firm stance against her transphobic beliefs.

We are done having these conversations – the conversation whether we exist or not. In 2017 we should not be tolerating this type of behaviour anymore and it’s time to take a stance against hate.

Thanks everyone and keep sharing!