LGBT+ Reception at 10 Downing Street

24th July 2017


Owl and I were invited to 10 Downing Street to a reception with the Prime Minster of the UK, Theresa May. We were unsure on whether to go as the conservative party has made very questionable choices, such as aligning themselves with the anti-LGBTQIA DUP party. In the end we thought it would be important to be visible in those spaces as well. During her speech she mentioned marriage equality, mentioned transphobic bullying was a serious problem in our society and that they were new reviewing the Gender Recognition Act (2004).

After her speech we both had a chance to speak with her and we mentioned that the current situation with marriage equality wasn’t inclusive of non binary people. Non binary people still require legal gender recognition to have X on their ID documents. This means that non binary people cannot be registered as anything else than male or female, so if they were for example to get a passport or get married, they’d be unable to do so as non binary individuals.

We also mentioned the need to ensure health care services will be accessible for non binary people and told her they should look to countries such as Malta, that has one of the most progressive laws on gender identity in the world. She seemed to take in our comments, but only time will tell if they are sincere in bringing the UK to the forefront of equality for trans people.