Fight For What You Believe In – Transphobic Media Onslaught

5th December 2017


Out of all the newspapers in the UK’s mainstream media, the Independent which seems to be supporting trans rights by giving a platform to respond and counteract all the rubbish and lies in the media on trans issues. We recently wrote an article for the Independent about some of the biggest issues currently being raised. Following on from that, Owl wrote about the deliberately misleading and shoddy research made by Fair Play for Women and Girls.

A lot of other amazing trans people have been pitching in and the community has been coming together to combat the sheer amount of hate and misleading tropes being thrown out there. One outlet, the Sunday Times, have proven themselves to be little but a mouthpiece for all the hatred hurled at trans people and almost every day there is a hateful or an anti trans article from their platforms. One of them even targeted Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl by Fox and Sarah Savage which was later regurgitated by by the alt right.

Negative article targeting Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl and Thomas the teddy in the  in the Sunday Times.

These attacks are always extremely poorly masked with concern and the underlying prejudice is quite apparent. Fortunately this desperate attempt backfired and the book has been rising in sales and positive reviews ever since the article. If you haven’t already, please consider supporting us and buying the book here.