Transgender in the Workplace

21st December 2017


We got approached by the National LGBT Police Network to make a film for them that would over trans issues in the workplace. Given the history between the trans community and the police force, we realised that it was a sensitive matter. After giving it much consideration we came to the conclusion that this film would ultimately foster understanding about trans issues within the police and workplaces in general and have a positive effect and hopefully build some bridges.

This was an opportunity to work from within and hopefully create change. We are proud to boast that the film was entirely made by trans people, about trans people, for a wider audience, as are all films created by My Genderation. This was an essential part in the making of the film, as trans people had their authentic voices heard and spoke about issues related to the workplace. We think the film will be useful for all workplaces and will be a valuable resource. It will start a conversation about trans issues in the workplace, and is a good tool in raising awareness and can help workplaces make their institution inclusive.

We were lucky enough to be have access to interesting and out trans people that we respect immensely, including helicoptor pilot Ayla Holdom and RAF dog trainer Chrissie Bentley.  We gathered a great group together and our contact Laura Millward at the National LGBT Police Network was wonderful to work with and we made some great connections through the whole making of the film.

We also made a short video about how to search trans people respectfully.