Trans Activism: Awards for 2017

7th January 2018


At the end of the year, we were put on two different lists as influential trans activists. One was by the Metro which listed us on the Trans Power List of 2017-2018.┬áThe other one was the Indy100 which listed us as one of the 9 LGBT+ people who defined and defied in 2017.┬áNeither of these outlets are LGBT specific media platforms, so it’s good to see people being represented and acknowledged on such platforms.

Obviously it is a great honour to be listed on lists like this, but there is also the flip side of it. There are so many amazing people out there do not get recognised for their achievements and there are so many people working behind the scenes in various places who aren’t recognised for what they do. It also has the potential to go to people’s head and it is a lot about ego and popularity and who has a platform to be seen in the mainstream media.

It is good to be recognised for the work that you do and we have worked very hard on our projects and we are glad they are making an impact. Our friend and fellow activist Christine Burns actually wrote a post about this which has some interesting points.