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Hi, I'm Fox Fisher!

I’m an award winning artist, filmmaker and human rights campaigner with an MA in Sequential Design & Illustration. Recently I was awarded an honorary Doctor of the Arts by University of Brighton for my work in raising the awareness of trans issues and promoting arts in the media.

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Trans People and Their Junk

We’d love for all trans people following us to take a part in a short survey that we just put out there. It’s a survey about what trans people call their genitals and how they refer to them. Obviously a lot of trans people are uncomfortable with the conventional terms as their genitals sometimes do […]

My Genderation: Awards and Laurels

2017 was a really good year for My Genderation and the films we make about trans people. Our films have been accepted into a lot of amazing film festivals throughout the year and we are so happy and delighted that our films make it into film festivals and are shown around the world. This is […]

Comedy Sketch on BBC3 About Being Non Binary

We recently created a comedy sketch for BBC3 about being non binary and some of the misconceptions people have about non binary people. It has already a lot of views and comments, most of them being people posting hateful and comments that prove the point of the video even further. There’s still a long way […]