I have been screen printing for the past 10 years, through Ink Spot Press, where I also teach short courses. My current obsessions are printing onto wood, in neons, gold and glow in the dark secret layers. My work incorporates illustration, graphic design, text and photography and 100+ year old images.

My limited editions and one off prints sell at Art Republic, Saatchi and Brush Gallery as well as directly through me at my shop. It may surprise you to hear that many artists don’t directly make their own work, relying on printing house.  I love creating my own work by hand, learning something new each time and enjoying the experimentation process. The result is usually a labour of love.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of speaking and screen-printing live at the Tate Modern and the V&A, merging the topics of gender and art. I’ve also contributed photos to Jane Sampson’s new book titled Screen Printing.

MA in Sequential Design & Illustration

With an MA in Sequential Design & Illustration, I have created many gig posters, books, stickers and other printed materials as well as more indulgent graphic novels. I am extremely comfortable with Adobe software and I enjoy working on projects with others to make something really creative happen. Previously, I have won many competitions in design, and represented the UK for 2-D at the global championships in New York, coming 3rd in the world. I also won the  Adobe t-shirt design competition.

I designed the logo, merchandise and other graphics for Trans Pride Brighton. I also design and illustrate for various trans and LGBT groups, as well as projects Human Being, Being Human and Brighton Transformed. Some of my designs can be seen at the Museum of Transology and I have a badge design in the British Museum.

Contact me for any creative projects for print or online.