After taking part in C4’s My Transsexual Summer in 2011, I co-created the My Genderation project, making 60+ short films, endorsed by the BBC, C4 and NHS (Choices & E-Learning). 

In 2016, I worked closely with TGEU (Transgender Europe), IGLYO (International LGBT Youth Organisation), Stonewall and Trans Iceland to create video content. Currently, I am working on a longer format documentary on non binary issues with my partner Owl and a small independent film crew, which will be released at the end of 2017. Film is my main form of activism, working in both fiction and non fiction. I am proud that many of my films have been used as a resource in education and businesses as well as doing the film festival circuit for many years.

A huge thank you to Feedspot who have named our channel Fox & Owl as one of the ‘Top 100 Transgender Youtube Channels‘, it’s an honour to be mentioned next to some big names in YouTube.


Transitional States

Our film Things That Make Us got accepted into the Transitional States arts exhibition which had it's debut exhibition in ...
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My Genderation: Awards and Laurels

2017 was a really good year for My Genderation and the films we make about trans people. Our films have ...
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Comedy Sketch on BBC3 About Being Non Binary

We recently created a comedy sketch for BBC3 about being non binary and some of the misconceptions people have about ...
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Trans Activism: Awards for 2017

At the end of the year, we were put on two different lists as influential trans activists. One was by ...
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Transgender in the Workplace

We got approached by the National LGBT Police Network to make a film for them that would over trans issues ...
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I AM THEY (trailer) – Non binary trans love story

The film centres around us (Fox and Owl) who are a non binary couple. They discover different topics and challenges ...
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Fight For What You Believe In – Transphobic Media Onslaught

Out of all the newspapers in the UK's mainstream media, the Independent which seems to be supporting trans rights by ...
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I AM THEY – Sneak preview at the University of Brighton

Here's a preview of our documentary I AM THEY at the University of Brighton on the 28th of November. Book ...
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Our film ALICE won an Award

Our film ALICE was selected as a finalist with Stories Lived, a film competition. We are delighted win the Audience Award ...
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I Received an Honorary Doctorate from University of Brighton

On the 25th of July 2017 I was awarded an honorary doctorate for my contribution to society through my activism ...
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