Great Great Great

11th February 2018




Limited Edition Screen Print

Featuring Elvis (who is 1/16 native American) and honouring his Great Great Great Grandmother, Morning White Dove. You can see where The King got his good looks from. A many layered print, with gold and heart and soul.

Printmaking: Screenprinting on Paper and Other.

70 cm x 100 cm, on Fabriano paper, hand-printed by the artist.

Limited edition of 30.

This is a labour of love, including fluorescent orange background scratches, Cherokee Indian patterning in Phthalo Blue, Turquoise in torso and heart area, Blue black ink ‘pop art’ style half-tone for Elvis and his Great Great Great Grandmother & Gold Lines linking the two together.

This print works well both ways up.

Signed by Fox Fisher.