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Hi, I'm Fox Fisher!

I’m an award winning artist, filmmaker and human rights campaigner with an MA in Sequential Design & Illustration. Recently I was awarded an honorary Doctor of the Arts by University of Brighton for my work in raising the awareness of trans issues and promoting arts in the media.

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Why There Is 81% Increase in Hate Crime

For those who were asking, here’s my LIVE interview on BBC News about why there is an 81% increase in transphobic hate crime being reported. No one should be persecuted based on their gender identity or gender expression. Hostility towards trans people is on the rise. It’s not a surprise this is happening. From these […]

Pride in Writing: An Evening With LGBTQ+ Authors

Recently Owl and I took part in an official Pride in London LGBT+ Panel Chat at Waterstone’s Picadilly where we also did a book signing of the Trans Teen Survivial Guide. The Pride event was featuring 17 authors all published through Hachette. Other panelists included Juno Roche, author of Queer Sex (which features myself and […]

TransAND Film Series

My Genderation is an ongoing film project which celebrates trans lives and trans experiences. In our brand new series, #TransAND, we visit with six amazing and diverse trans people living in the UK. Watch the entire series here. Often society doesn’t see trans people beyond being trans, but this series will focus on what trans people […]